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The Wetlands Tavern
Roleplay in the Wetlands
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29th-Aug-2006 04:06 pm - Labor Day weekend stuff
If anyone wants to get together Monday around noon time or so at my place for hamburgers, hot dogs and whatever people want to bring. There is a pool and unless it's full of kids or something, bring a swimsuit.
29th-Aug-2006 09:36 am - I did create this community for RP
--- Redhawk Longwing <redhawk_longwing@hotmail.com> wrote:

> "Go now into The Kingdom of the Wetlands, ride hard
> and fast...search out
> the Knights of our Lands. Tell them their King needs
> their assistance one
> and all!"

Duchess Fionnghal polished carefully the binnacle on her "new" ship. She whispered under her breath as she carefully buffed the brass to a shine where she could see her own reflection. She spoke softly to the ship, "My lady, as you well know, I admire your creativity, but do you not think a 19th century iron barque is a bit anachronistic in the Wetlands? Not to mention, a little tricky to park on a village road? What's wrong with perhaps a little sloop, maybe even a little schooner? All right, a schooner would perhaps be a little anachronistic too... here's a thought, what happened to that nice mahogany wardrobe, I liked the wardrobe, that at least fit in the keep."
Fionnghal pulled herself up and peered over the side, "Ahoy! And No, I am not hiring at this time. I plan to put up notice in a week. Please get with me then."
The man at the pier replied, "Your Grace, I am a messenger from His Majesty King Redhawk, I bear a summons."
She grumbled under her breath, "So much for a little traveling." She shouted down to the royal messenger, "Come aboard."

The letter was indeed sealed with the royal seal of the Wetlands. "Not good news I fear. Or maybe its another masquerade ball..." she thought to herself as she broke the seal and opened the letter from the King.
"To the Knights of the Wetlands, you are hear by summoned by His Majesty King Redhawk in his time of need. His fare and gracious consort, Ladyhawk has been kidnapped..."
She turned to the messenger and handed him a bright gold coin, "Give this message to King Redhawk, I am answering his summons as per my duty. Ask him to forward to me any information he may have about her captors and whatever ransom they may demand."
The messenger left and mounted his horse and road off. Fionnghal grumbled, "So much for retiring."
20th-Jul-2006 12:25 pm - Introduction
Welcome to the Roleplay Tavern of the Wetlands.  After watching so much Roleplay on the lists, I thought it would be fun to put together a community for it here on Live Journal.  If anyone is interested in helping me moderate this list, let me know.  Thanks,
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